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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  October 8, 2017 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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two separate row home fires erupt less than two miles apart in philadelphia. we have live coverage. nate makes landfall for a second time along the gulf coast as its powerful winds push water onshore. and a touching tribute, the man performing when the las vegas massacre erupted takes the stage on snl to remember and honor the victims. good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. thank you so much for being with us and a rainy start to our sunday. first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with the neighborhood forecast. good morning, bill. >> right on schedule the rain has moved in.
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there's a chance we'll see afternoon showers as well. nate no longer a hurricane and just barely a tropical storm but there's drenching rain from that stomach moving to the north and that will affect us. it's still unseasonably warm. the steady rain moving in from the west and a few showers at the shore. this afternoon a chance of a few scattered showers but a drier afternoon a cloudy and warm one. looking for more rain, nate will continue to weaken, now the winds are down to 45 miles an hour. the storm has maintained its forward at 23 miles an hour. it's not going to take long for the heavy across alabama to move into our area, that happens during the day tomorrow. don't worry about the jacket. this afternoon into the low 80s
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sunshine will be very limited. you might see a break or two. even more likely for tomorrow. i'll break it down hour by hour. >> nate is downgraded to a tropical storm this morning. after brushing southern louisiana last night but officials are concerned about storm surge from louisiana to the florida panhandle. flooding inundated the lower level in biloxi overnight. you can see cars and trucks. luckily no reports of anyone getting hurt but rising waters knocked out power leaving an nbc news crew in the dark. a look at nate impact on bay st. louis, mississippi, last night. you can see heavy rain and street flooding. the storm made its first landfall in a moat part as a
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category 1 hurricane. president trump issued disaster declarations for mississippi and louisiana feeding federal aid. the storm surge carried this car out into the water and dumped it in the city of mobile crashing waves washed this boat onto the shore nearly flipping it over. instant updates and alerts as we continue to track nate's impact on the gulf coast and the effects we expect to feel here in our air why. 9:03. two separate row home fires broke out less than two miles apart and one sent a philadelphia firefighter to the hospital. randy gyllenhaal is live in holmesburg with details on both fires and a very busy morning for philadelphia firefighters, randy. >> they have been working here all morning, two fires, as you
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mentioned, just about two miles apart, you can see crews still onscene here hours later putting some water on the hot spots. we saw active flames. in this fire two homes were destroyed according to officials. i'll show you some video. firefight hers to call in extra engines and had to evacuate one of the buildings. as well as that philadelphia firefighter who suffered minor injuries. holmesburg section of the city, fire officials say two people were injured including one who had smoke inhalation. a couple others with smoke
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damage as well. the cause for both fires remains under investigation. no indication they are connected. the investigation just getting started. live in east philadelphia, i'm randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> all right, randy, thanks for the update. fire ripped through a home in camden county. flames broke out around 2:30 this morning. firefighters put them out within minutes. luckily no one was hurt. investigators now looking for the cause of the fire. newark police are looking for a missing man rested this week for harassing university of delaware students. police now think he may harm himself or others. david timez arrested after he chased three students as they walked back to their dorms last sunday. students say he made a cutting gesture across his throat before running after them.
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they escaped into a building after calling 911. he's bald and no longer has green eyebrows. jason aldean offered a touching tribute to the las vegas massacre victims. >> you can be sure we're going to through these tough times together every step of the way because when america is at its best our bond and our spirit is unbreakable. ♪ ♪ well, i won't back down >> as you are hearing there aldean went on to sing "i won't back down" by tom petty, who also passed away last week. the countryic star was on the stage when stephen paddock started firing on the crowd last sunday in las vegas. this morning we are learning more about the precision paddock
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used to make sure his aim was as deadly as possible. a note found on his night stand had numbers including the distance between the high-rise hotel room and the concert below. multiple sources tell nbc news they believe the calculations were for shooting range and distance to allow for better precision during his attack. police say they have looked through more than 1,000 leads so far but still have no answer why the gun did it. those are cheers for one of the victims of the attack as she returned home to los angeles. chelsea romo arrived to a surprise homecoming. neighbors lined the street as romo was reyoued with her 5-year-old son and 20-month-old daughter. she was hit in the face when stephen paddock opened fire. >> in here it's just overwhelming, all the gifts and
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the people showing up as you can see it's just unbelievable. >> romo lost her left eye and needs a cornea transplant to save her right eye. today this group of south jersey therapy dogs will be heading to las vegas to offer comfort and support to the first responders who rushed to help after the shooting. they are sending six dogs and their handlers to vegas. they'll stay at the mandalay bay resort and casino offering support there as well. london has been on edge after a series of terror attacks there. this week there was a massive police response in the city after a car drove onto the sidewalk in front of a tourist attraction. this time the cause is not what officials fear. a famous rapper is proclaiming
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his owe sense after he's arrested. we'll tell you what led police to take him into custody.
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9:11. it is a cloudy and warm start and a bit rainy, too. these rain clouds are moving back into the city. the first round of rain has just produce add few showers. in cape may some rain drops. some sunshine will be on hold. the first line of showers in cape may, the next moving through the suburbs, the lehigh valley and into philadelphia. just some scattered showers, light showers are possible. may affect the game. mostly cloudy skies at 4:00. >> a man falls off one of
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china's tallest water falls. but this story has a miraculous ending. we'll tell but it ahead. he's a little boy who loves basketball. what he'd love most of all is a forever family.
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london police say a car crash that 11 people outside a
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major london tourist attraction is a traffic accident and not an act of terror. a car ran up onto the sidewalk outside the natural history museum and hit pedestrians. police responded in a big way because of recent car crashes done intentionally by terrorists. but about four hours later they announced this was not terrorism. rapper nellie says he is owe sent of rey allegations. he was booked and released without being charged after his arrest in auburn, washington. a woman claim she was sexually assaulted on nellie's tour bus that was parked at a walmart. nellie tweeted he is the victim of a false allegation. septa is warning rideers to plan ahead today. there's a number of activities in the city that will pack trains. riders will be trying to get to the parade, the eagles game and guns n roses concert all in south philadelphia.
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construction between the glenn side and fern rock stations. passengers will have to switch to shuttle buses between those stations. at 12:30 along broad street in philadelphia, string bands and floats. there will be some street closures in the area. columbus day is tomorrow. 's little boy with a love of basketball, but what would really make him happy is a forever family to share his love of the sport. vai sikahema introduces us to this week's wednesday's child. 12-year-old tyshaun is a basketball junkie. so we brought him for the
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philadelphia youth basketball league, it's a mentoring program for kids like tyshawn. he's a nonverbal child but as you can see it sure doesn't slow him down. in fact, he communicates in other ways. >> he does have a lot of love to give. he has a way of connecting with people. one of my favorite things about him is his smile. it will light up a room. >> he is passionate about basketball. it's his first love. he does have a brother and sister he adores and they love him. it's important for him to remain in communication with them. this is just a wonderful young man. >> tyshawn is a very bubbly, energetic boy who loves, loves, loves being outside and active. he's really fun, very sweet, fun loving. >> this preteen is looking for
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the right fit in a forever family. is there anything else that's important? >> lots and lots of laughter. he's always making jokes, trying to make fun of things. >> reporter: this week's wednesday's child. >> if you'd like to make his dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child go to and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adopt center at 1-866-do-adopt. 9:18. heading out the door you'll need your rain gear. the rain has been steady from the get-go. you can see the rain has already fallen in philadelphia and more rain is on the way. look at the wind. the wind already blowing. it will be a factor through the
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day today. 16-mile-an-hour winds in dover. this is a southwesterly wind for most neighborhoods bringing in the warm air. and making the rain feel like it's coming down heavier. what we're not seeing is any cool weather. 74 degrees and not much warmer. the temperatures will climb but not a huge warm-up. the rain will stay high through the day. we're getting steady rain in the you and moving through the lehigh valley. it's starting to break in the lehigh valley. a chance of showers this afternoon.
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still moving to the north, northeast. that storm, that rain will move into our yeah. some showers earlier this afternoon for wilmington. there's a chance with a chance of sunshine. there's still a chance of a shower as we go into the late afternoon. heading into tomorrow you can see the rain that comes up courtesy of nate. that steadier rain moves through right around lunch time and then out of here later in the afternoon and the evening.
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for today, though, a chance of an afternoon shower. 81 degrees. 80 degrees. right around midday and into the afternoon. another round of showers, another cold front on wednesday and that will bring temperatures down but only for a couple days on thursday and friday. in the 80s before it turns cooler. >> a stunning upset on the international stage. we'll tell you about a young delaware gymnast's golden moments coming up. and it's about to become our area's newest state park. its unique location and show you how average citizens helped get it ready for visitors.
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we want to you look at video that could have shown a man falling to his death. instead it revealed a miracle. a man in china survived after slipping on an overlook at the tallest water falls yesterday. rescuers got to him a few minutes later. he is expected to recover. a teenager from delaware is now on top of women's jgymnastics world. >> it was just so fun to compete. i felt so happy the entire day.
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>> morgan hurd won the all-around title in montreal friday night. morgan is 16 and lives in middletown. morgan trains in newark. look for her at the 20 olympics in tokyo. welcome to eagles game day. a live look inside from our eagles nest cam. the battle of the birds kicks off at 1:00 when the 3-1 eagles host the arizona cardinals. one thing the eagles want to do today is establish the running game. today they could be without wendel smallwood and, of course, darren sproles is out for the season. so enter glassboro, new jersey's cory clement. he could see more action after a career high ten carries in last week's win over the chargers. clement had key third quarter runs. he's ready to help in the offensive backfield.
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>> it's all about being prepared and knowing your role. at the same time when certain things present themselves, i have to take advantage of it. at the time if they need me on third downs, i'll be ready for it. >> nbc 10 is your official eagles station. "eagles game plan" at 10:00. after tonight's late news on nbc 10 be sure to watch "gameday final. "free hockey in anaheim goes the flyers way in overtime. sean couturier fed wayne simmons who snaps the puck to the back of the net, beating the ducks, 3-2. the orange and black will be in nashville tuesday night. the flyers' home opener is saturday against washington. an island in the middle of the delaware river is almost ready to become a new jersey state park. teddy's island sits between philadelphia's fish town neighborhood and camden county.
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volunteers were cleaning up the shoreline. it was owned by venezuela's citgo corporation but agreed to turn it back over after finishing cleanup work. new jersey natural lands trust will take over operations. one last check of the forecast from bill. looking gray and wet. >> not park weather this morning and afternoon. we will get a chance of an afternoon shower. rain clouds moving back into philadelphia. it's a live view from center city and rain is about to start falling once again in south philadelphia. we had the first showers move through. you see the camera shaking. there's a good breeze blowing that will keep temperatures warm in spite of the rain. there's a slight chance of a thunderstorm. there's a better chance we'll see some showers, some downpours and possibly thunderstorms tomorrow for the remnants of nate. >> all right, thank you. thank you for being with us.
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from all of us i'm ted greenburg have a great sunday.
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the birds are using "blount" force. >> at the 4, a runaway train! >> today slow down an all-time eagles killer. >> he's a hall of fame player. >> touchdown, arizona. >> "eagles gameday kickoff" proving you can go home again. >> expecting a nice crowd. and it starts right now. >> wake up, philly. it's game day.


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